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Our businesses are all about reaching destinations. Joshua Tours is about moving students and patrons safely from one location to another, day after day.


Not long ago, we at Joshua Tours made a move of our own. We set out to provide a service that is more than acceptable - we set out to be exceptional. A true A plus service.

We are a company based out of Passaic, NJ. We started out providing private services to parents in the area that had a need for transportation for their children.


The visionary behind our company is Dora Navarro. She began providing this service out of her personal car when she herself needed to get her two kids to school and realized that there weren't any affordable options available to parents. There weren't any other companies providing this kind of service in the city and plenty of parents who had the same need.

Private Transportation

We no longer provide transportation hired directly by parents. We appreciate the parents we've had the opportunity to serve over the years.

School Contracting

We will contract with most school districts in in the North East New Jersey area.



We are available to provide tranportation to your group. Call or email for pricing or fill out our request form here.

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Office Address:

183 Autumn St. 2nd Fl.

Passaic, NJ 07055


Mailing Address:

204 Myrtle Ave.

Passaic, NJ 07055

Tel: 862-899-8333

Fax: 862-899-8333

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